Nina Beebe

Amazon, Project Kuiper

Nina Beebe lead Access Partnership’s UK and Europe practice, a team of public policy experts focused on tech client engagement with European political institutions and policymakers across the region.  Earlier in her time at the company, Ms Beebe directed advocacy and market access campaigns globally, with a focus on emerging markets.  She has also represented clients at multilateral UN bodies including the International Telecommunication Union and at regional meetings in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  Her clients have included global network operators and integrators, service providers, online platforms, manufacturers and governments.

Ms Beebe joined Access Partnership after serving on a bilateral Joint Economic Commission of the United States Treasury. There, she was responsible for bilateral project negotiations, management planning, and program strategy in support of US and non-US government agencies. She previously worked in development assistance, in financial publishing, and in mission reporting at the International Monetary Fund.