What make us unique?
Forum G2 - Geoeconomics and Geopolitics

We focus on a fresh and broad look at the economy and geopolitics, which analyzes not only the actual state, but also the mechanisms behind it.
Unlike the typical concept of the economic forum, Forum G2 combines discussion panels preceded by short “TED-style” presentation forms and an introduction to discussions in the form of films and presentations, so that each of the listeners is fully aware of the issues raised. For participants, we have provided an online platform dedicated to registration and purchase of tickets in accordance with the “zero-waste” principle, which allows to save, among others paper.

Dlaczego Gospodarka i Geopolityka?

The current international situation including the rise of the role of China, policy of the USA, tensions and changes within the EU and the rise of old concepts such as the Three Seas or the new Silk Road, does not let us discuss responsibly about the global economy without considering also its geopolitical factors. Particularly, when such discussion is held in such a key place on the world map that Poland occupies. We must be aware of this as politicians, entrepreneurs, businessmen and consumers.

Rada programowa
Wysoki poziom merytoryczny

To ensure the best substantive level of our intiatives, we established an advisory board, with the help of which we set goals and priorities for activities of the Institutes for Economic and Geopolitical Strategies. The advisory board consists of honorary members of the association. New members will be announced in the coming weeks.

Best Speakers
Thematic panels
Thematic zones
The course of the conference

Forum G2 is not only a great opportunity to broaden knowledge on specific topics. It is a powerful area of ​​networking and exchange of experience, as well as the opportunity to meet leading representatives of business, science and politics.

Over 20 thematic panels, three zones - Geoeconomics, Innovations, Geopolitics
Forum G2 is not only discussion panels - they are also lectures given in a small group. Check our offer
Evening event
The conference will end with a evening event during which we will conduct forum conclusions and award the best panelists
Wroclaw Stadium

A modern and multifunctional Conference and Event center.
The Stadium Wroclaw is a place where we will be able to provide the highest level of discussion for both Speakers and our Guests. The great advantage of the building is its excellent access from every direction of the city, the vicinity of the Wrocław Motorway Bypass and the availability of a spacious car park.